Pandemic Inspires Anglers to Find an Outlet through Recreational Fishing

Fairfield Fishing Tackle Rensselaer Commercial Properties
Fairfield Fishing Tackle Rensselaer Commercial Properties
Fairfield Fishing Tackle Rensselaer Commercial Properties

FAIRFIELD, NJ–Cheryl G. owns and manages Fairfield Fishing Tackle, a business that has spanned over 100 years and survived three transitions of ownership. The Meyer family started Newark Sinker Company in 1913 in Newark, NJ, where they specialized in supplying sinkers to fishing boats along the eastern Seaboard. In the 1950s, they moved their retail business to the Fairfield area and began to sell fishing supplies to the area’s anglers.

In the mid-1980s, they moved from their 1275 Bloomfield Avenue location to the current location in Building 14 at 101 Route 46 East. They made custom fishing rods for their customers and continued to run the retail storefront. In 1992, the Meyer family sold the business to Alan Corry, who eventually sold the business to Cheryl G. in 2012.

Today, Fairfield Fishing Tackle focuses on the saltwater and freshwater supplies required to fish for trout, pike, bass, panfish, fluke, stripers, sea bass, blackfish and many others. Cheryl and her staff aim for individualized customer service, and they have an impressive in-house line-winding department to run over a hundred different line choices onto reels, from 2# mono for trout to 80# braid for tuna.

In March of 2020 when the Governor closed all non-essential businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheryl was extremely worried about her business’ 100 year legacy, not to mention all of her resources invested. Yet, after weeks of isolation, people needed to get out, and with most team sports canceled, fishing was making a comeback. Lines began to form outside the store as her staff began to take orders for countless new and seasoned anglers alike. 

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