Grand Opening: Free Walk-In and Off Site COVID-19 Testing Services In Pine Brook

Rensselaer Commercial Properties Adam Diagnostic Lab
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Adam Diagnostic Lab

PINE BROOK, NJ--Adam Diagnostic Lab opened its doors in Suite 130 at 101 Route 46 East in October 2021 to provide COVID-19, Antibody and Antigen testing services for our area. Their services are free to everyone, and the office is open seven days a week from 8am to 11pm, including holidays. Online booking and quick test turnaround times of 6-8 hours for PCR tests and 30 minutes for Antigen and Antibody tests offer convenience and peace of mind.

Adam Diagnostic Lab offers walk-in testing at their center as well as curbside and on location services, for example in offices, hotels or other venues. The tests offered can be used for travel purposes or mandated testing for school or work.

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