Family-Owned Flower Business Expands Its Reach Globally

Rensselaer Commercial Properties Juliet Wholesale Flowers
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Juliet Wholesale Flowers
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Juliet Wholesale Flowers

FAIRFIELD, NJ–Juliet Wholesale Flowers is a family-owned business that originated 17 years ago as a small venture. Cristian, the CEO of Juliet Wholesale Flowers (JWF), initiated this dream by visiting flower shops while working part-time. His dedication to delivering excellent service and high quality products helped him secure his first clients and provided the momentum needed to refine the business model. The business started as a joint effort with his brother and wife and has evolved into an international enterprise, with partnerships with farms globally to offer customers access to top-notch flowers.

In 2012, Juliet Wholesale Flowers launched flower distribution operations in specific regions with a headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey. Over time, JWF has steadily expanded and currently employs a team of more than twenty-five committed individuals who have formed a tight-knit family within the organization. Specialized work teams support each department to deliver tailored services across different areas including procurement, logistics, sales, and product distribution to clients' stores. JWF expanded further last year, taking additional space in Building 7.

In 2016, JWF diversified its offerings to serve florists, designers, and event planners. A dedicated warehouse now houses a wide array of floral supplies. Juliet's mission is to streamline clients' operations by offering a comprehensive solution for all of their needs. This encompasses essentials such as hydration mediums that safeguard flowers during arrangement, products maintaining the cold chain, and an assortment of colored sprays for enhancing roses, hydrangeas, and other distinctive blossoms.

In 2022, JWF showcased its dedication to quality with a range of Ecuadorian roses and hydrangeas branded under the company name, highlighting JWF's diverse product selection. Furthermore, JWF caters to a wide array of clients by providing wholesale preserved roses, catering to various needs and preferences in the floral industry.

In 2023, JWF hosted an open house featuring a stunning display of over 4,000 roses in a diverse range of colors. Customers had the opportunity to choose their favorite varieties and get a sneak peek at upcoming products sourced from countries such as Israel and Japan. The event highlighted Juliet's commitment to versatility in its offerings. Last year, JWF also took part in two flower fairs held in Colombia and Holland with the aim of exploring new suppliers while maintaining a steadfast focus on quality as their primary selection criterion.

Juliet's business model is centered around seasonal offerings, catering to a wide array of occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, weddings, and other special events. JWF emphasizes their brand of premium Ecuadorian roses as a standout choice in the US market. Through active engagement on social networks, JWF nurtures connections with customers who engage with their online presence as a tool to drive their endeavors.

Social commitment is a core value that JWF holds dear. The company actively engages in various initiatives to give back to the community. From supporting local charities and environmental causes to promoting education and wellness programs, JWF strives to make a meaningful impact beyond its business operations. 

JWF has an e-commerce platform under development to open opportunities for the company to globalize their market and reach new customers. JWF aims to expand its reach and offer its exquisite flowers and floral supplies to a wider audience through online ordering. The future looks bright as JWF sets sail towards these new horizons of growth and innovation.

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