Unique Maker Space Gains Recognition Around New Jersey

Rensselaer Commercial Properties Maker Junction
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Maker Junction

FAIRFIELD, NJ–Maker Junction is a unique maker space that opened on Building 5 in 2020. Elizabeth Lieb and Graham Clarke are the founders and owners of the 4,200 square foot workspace, including a class area and a lounge. They decided to launch the idea after a similar maker space in the area closed.

Maker Junction attracts a diverse group as members - artists, engineers and makers - which creates an exciting environment for learning and collaboration. Some of the equipment available includes 3D printers, a CO2 laser cutter, CNC (computer numerical control) machines and fully stocked wood and metal working shops. Members can join through an ongoing monthly subscription or just for a period of time to work on a specific project. 

In July 2023, Maker Junction created a larger than life size head of Falkor from the Never Ending Story, and gave it to a local vintage shop. After one of the Kardashians “liked” a social media post, the creation went viral

Next year, Maker Junction is planning to showcase their space and services at craft fairs and street markets, so look out for them in your area!

Learn more about Maker Junction here!