Local Subsidiary of Brazilian Hair Care Giant Launches SuperFood Collections Coming out of Pandemic

Rensselaer Commercial Properties Embelleze USA
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Embelleze USA

FAIRFIELD, NJ--Tayla Barreto - the General Manager of Embelleze USA located in Rensselaer Commercial Properties Building 7 in Fairfield - leads the company’s subsidiary and distribution center for North America. The company has been operating in New Jersey since 2013 and the US since 2010. Embelleze is a 100% Brazilian Hair Care Company with a headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The philosophy behind the company is that they understand women and create the best beauty solutions for women of all ethnicities with different lifestyles and beauty needs. 

Mr. Itamar Serpa created the Embelleze Group in 1969, and the company has grown to include multiple divisions - its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Rio de Janeiro, Salon Professional, Embelleze International and Beauty School Franchise - and is a market leader in several segments. Yet, Embelleze grew from humble beginnings. Mr. Itamar Serpa was the oldest of eight children born into a family living in the interior of Brazil and worked from a very young age. He moved from his small town to the capital, Rio de Janeiro, and focused on his studies. He had the idea of setting up a beauty oriented company in 1969 and has since developed Embelleze into the most important Brazilian hair care company as well as expanding the business’ international reach.

In the context of COVID-19, Embelleze made changes to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Internally, the company adjusted the physical working environment to maintain social distancing and enhanced sanitary measures and disinfecting routines. The company successfully managed these new challenges creating a safe environment for employees to work and customers to receive their products throughout the pandemic.

Embelleze is always innovating and is excited to be launching new collections through its primary brand, Novex. The latest products to enter the market are called “SuperFood” that are 100% cruelty free and vegan. The family of three collections are: SuperFood Passion Fruit & Blueberry, SuperFood Cacao & Almonds, and SuperFood Dragon Fruit & Goji Berry. 

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