Magnify Brewing Keeps Employees Safely Working While Launching Home Delivery

FAIRFIELD, NJ--Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, the tap room at Magnify Brewing - the focal point of the brewery - is closed. And, since restaurants are currently shut down, that important avenue for distribution is also unavailable. But, the team at Magnify has adapted their business to keep employees working and customers happy.

Magnify adjusted production scheduling to ensure employees can stay at a safe distance. The production schedule shifted to 7 days from 5 days, so fewer people are working simultaneously and, therefore, able to maintain appropriate social distance. Staff also wear gloves and masks to work as safely as possible.

The brewery set up contactless to-go sales through a front window at the facility. Customers directly swipe their cards to pay (payment is by card only to avoid handling cash), and front of the house staff utilize protective equipment to allow people to pick up beer at the source in the safest way possible. Magnify is also lucky to be benefitting from a new policy allowing home delivery to NJ residents. 

Owner Eric Ruta notes that these changes to production and distribution have “allowed us to retain our employees, keep production up and offer safe and contactless ways for customers to get our beer.”

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