OPEN VIRUS-FREE, SAFE ZONE: Montville Physical Therapy and New Medical Warrior Clinic

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MONTVILLE AND RIVERDALE, NJ--At a time when rehabilitative care is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, Montville Physical Therapy is continuing to keep their patients healthy and functioning, providing one-to-one care. With specific protocols in place to meet the highest level of safety, exceeding CDC standards, each patient can confidently feel a sense of ease when going through each step of their rehabilitation.

The Doctors at Montville Physical Therapy use a dynamic mindset, treating with compassion, combining the most up to date scientific methods, and advanced manual therapy for healing. Patients can continue their ongoing rehabilitative care in a highly controlled environment. 

For patients who have recovered from COVID-19 seeking treatment, the absence of COVID-19 is the first hurdle in a patient's return to daily life and doing what they love. Treatment means being fully restored to your prior self.

The Medical Warriors Clinic - located at The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy, Riverdale NJ -  was established in recognition of the extreme stress our frontline Healthcare Heroes and Essential Workers are under at this time and the need for rehabilitating the functionality and stamina of each first responder. This dedicated, safe zone allows them to seek physical therapy care in an environment that protects them and the Doctors of Physical Therapy who provide treatment. 

N95 Respirator masks and gloves are mandatory for all staff and offered to patients, and treatment tables are situated 8 feet apart to ensure social distancing. Support Staff also work to relieve patients of the burden of resolving insurance questions and ensure priority scheduling to allow patients to focus entirely on their treatment. Additionally, supplies are routinely donated to hospitals and medical providers in need.

To avert spreading respiratory illness, all employees are tested weekly for IgM and IgG antibodies, and every evening, the clinics undergo a thorough cleaning. Staff utilizes a Coronavirus specific disinfectant, encompassing all surface areas and air ducts, along with rigorous cleaning steps in between patients throughout the day.

Montville Physical Therapy and The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy firmly believe in the strength of community and pledge to uphold a rigorous commitment to every patient, and we are proud to have them as one of the businesses in our community.

Find out more about the Medical Warriors Clinic and Montville Physical Therapy here.