The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy

Rensselaer Commercial Properties Montville Physical Therapy
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Montville Physical Therapy
Rensselaer Commercial Properties Montville Physical Therapy

MONTVILLE, NJ–In the realm of physical therapy, The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy stands as a beacon of innovation and exceptional patient care. For nearly two decades, this privately-owned organization has been at the forefront of the industry, offering pioneering treatments and personalized care in its four New Jersey-based state-of-the-art clinics located in Montville, Paramus, Riverdale, and Wayne.

The practice's approach reflects a dedication to providing advanced, compassionate care, prioritizing each patient's recovery journey, guided by the dynamic mindsets of their Doctors of Physical Therapy. The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy distinguish themselves through innovative treatments such as medical-grade pulsed electromagnetic frequency treatment (PEMF) and blood flow restriction treatment (BFRT), setting new benchmarks in rehabilitative care. PEMF, a gentle yet effective non-invasive therapy, utilizes electromagnetic waves to stimulate healing and reduce pain, enhancing circulation and cellular health. This leads to reduced inflammation and more efficient tissue repair tailored to each patient's specific needs. Similarly, BFRT offers a targeted approach to rehabilitation, employing controlled blood flow restriction to promote muscle growth under low-intensity conditions, hastening recovery while minimizing physical stress. The latest scientific research underpins these cutting-edge treatments, which skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy carefully select and administer. Their doctors showcase their exceptional expertise and deep commitment to helping patients achieve full recovery with a personalized and empathetic approach.

As the largest privately-owned physical therapy practice in New Jersey, these centers boast a team of highly skilled, board-certified Doctors of Physical Therapy. Less than 1% of practitioners nationwide hold dual board certification, a testament to the exceptional expertise available to their patients, which further sets them apart from corporate healthcare franchises.

At The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy, each patient receives a full hour of one-on-one attention with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, ensuring personalized and thorough treatment. Dr. Michael Klejmont, Clinical Manager and President, emphasizes, “We create a compassionate environment where patients feel at home, fostering life-long relationships and a deep understanding of their needs.”

In contrast to the corporate model prevalent in today's healthcare landscape, these centers prioritize the well-being and recovery of patients over profit margins. This approach starkly opposes the trend of physical therapy practices owned by non-specialist medical professionals, corporations, or investment groups. Dr. Jason de la Bruyere, Clinical Manager and Vice President, highlights this difference: “Our care is driven by the needs of our patients, not by a corporate treatment matrix. We provide comprehensive care from initial evaluation to discharge, free from the constraints typically imposed by insurance companies.”

The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy lead in terms of their advanced treatments and expert practitioners and their commitment to compassionate, patient-focused care. This unique combination of innovation, expertise, and personalized attention makes them the ideal choice for anyone seeking the highest standard of physical therapy care.

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