NJ Based Full Service Marketing Company Brings 25 Years of Omni Channel Experience

Rensselaer Commercial Properties SGW Integrated Marketing
Rensselaer Commercial Properties SGW Integrated Marketing
Rensselaer Commercial Properties SGW Integrated Marketing

MONTVILLE, NJ--SGW Integrated Marketing, a full-service NJ marketing company, located at 2 Changebridge Road in Montville has provided marketing consultation and services for more than 25 years. SGW clients range from healthcare and pharma to community banks, manufacturing and higher education. This small business that serves regional and global brands, is majority owned by Beverly E. Barnes, President and CEO.

SGW has earned long-term client relationships by foreseeing and adapting to changing dynamics. In today's fluid and uncertain business environment, organizations across various sectors are grappling with unique challenges. These vary based on industry, target market, and current economic conditions…all of them though, require innovation, flexibility and nimble thinking to overcome.

For example, in order to adapt to budget pressure or simply centralize functions, a company may decide to leverage internal resources rather than outside partners. When cutting headcount though, companies have a tendency to increase their outsourced functions. 

The truth is that the most highly functional marketing teams have a healthy balance of both. While external partners can bring a valuable outside perspective and skill sets, in-house teams know their brands, people and internal operations better than anyone, and are available when quick reaction time is required.

SGW works with client teams in a variety of ways, from helping increase synergy with new hires, to collaborating with their members to bring an initiative to life. SGW is a flexible partner who fills gaps as needed for clients whose requirements may vary. 

SGW is uniquely able to help in any area of marketing communications from brand positioning, collateral development, and advertising, to lead generation and trade show booth management. This ability stems from more than 25 years of omni-channel experience.

To accommodate client needs and budgets, SGW also offers Flex packages including dedicated monthly hours focused on various marketing requirements, or pre-set deliverables within a designated timeframe.

These bundles are a low-risk proposition for SGW clients, as they do not require long-term contracts. Whatever the marketing need, SGW is a partner that brings the outside perspective, industry experience, and superb creative and customer-focused account teams to elevate their clients’ brands. 

We are pleased to see SGW renew their lease at 2 Changebridge Road, and we’re excited to provide the space they need to deliver their customary high level marketing!