Zena Italian Designs Launches Safe Commercial Workstations and Home Office Space Lines

FAIRFIELD, NJ--Zena Italian Designs has three generations of experience in custom woodworking. Founder, Chief Master and Artistic Director Ever Garcia developed his skills as a young boy, learning from his grandparents, and evolved to become one of the best cabinet makers in Genoa, Italy. He has directed projects in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

In 2015, Zena Italian Designs established its American locus bringing its long tradition and knowledge of woodworking and the lens of Italian design and art to its new US manufacturing base. The team works with customers to design tailored and one-of-a-kind installations, all with a lifetime warranty. The company combines use of precious woods such as teak, cherry, and oak combined with materials such as steel, glass, marble, granite and corian - requiring the work of experienced craftsmen - along with technology used during design and development to carefully monitor and execute projects at reduced time and cost.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zena launched a new set of products designed to make commercial and office working environments safe. Companies can work with Zena to put in place custom-made protective barriers for desks, plus mobile walls or office area separators, to secure the safety of employees in work environments with multiple workstations. Zena also established a customized home office line, given the increased need for functional and productive work from home spaces.

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